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Tool regeneration

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Regeneration of cutting tools

We are offering tools regeneration systems to our service lines. Regeneration provides cost reduction of tool management and increases the competitiveness of a company. Our offer includes thin-films for: aircraft engine components and airplane gearboxes, cutting tools, molding parts, casting molds, and special tools - wherever we want to enhance material properties, cut costs and increase productivity.


Comprehensive regeneration + coating, together with proper know-how guarantee that regenerated tools work on the same parameters and with the same durability. Our services include tools regeneration of: PKD, HSS, VHM, restoration of the original geometry or according to the Customer's instructions.


Range of services:

  • drills,

  • router bits,

  • cutters

  • taps,

  • facing cutters

  • reamers,

  • lathe knives,

  • special tools (offer request).


We provide the highest quality of service in the following areas:

  • comprehensive regeneration of cutting tools,

  • PVD and PECVD coatings on cutting tools based on application characteristic,

  • stock of tools monitoring to provide TOOLMANAGEMET service,

  • technical consultancy,

  • short order delivery dates,

  • competitive prices.