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Supply chain optimization

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Supply chain optimization


Warehouse logistics service is supported by modern IT technology and dedicated software assuring optimal warehouse management processes control, full monitoring, and reporting. Warehouse logistics processes are executed based on AS 9120 requirements, namely:

- shelf life control

- full identification of products and their shelf/pallets location

- optimal warehouse infrastructure – technological process symulation

- customer ability to check stock through IT platforms, to be integrated with their ERP systems

- keeping storage conditions per manufacturer requirements as set in manufacturer quality documentation


We use optimization methods in supply chain management which ensure the following benefits to the customer:

- shorter purchase order completion

- OTD and on demand delivery

- lead time reduction

- customer stock reduction

- optimal stock rotation

- fast response to changing demand

- supplies integration

- lean management, savings projects

- quality control – our employees are trained and approved by customers to perform goods in control (DQCR) per their requirements

- kitting, breaking bulk