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We are an exclusive representative of an American company Alaska Structures Inc (AKS) for Poland. Alaska Structures is a manufacturer of mobile, rapidly deployable shelter systems (lightweight shelters) used by military and civil end users worldwide.


Alaska Structures Inc. is a worldwide leader in manufacturing military and civil infrastructure components including various types of shelter systems with all the infrastructure support needed for a self-contained system, designed and manufactured by AKS, such as power generation, environmental control units of various power (ECUs), heaters, lighting (indoor and outdoor), folding floors, operational equipment (such as interactive displays, tables, chairs, energy saving shades, masking shades) and other equipment needed for shelter usage depending on weather conditions and operational requirements.


Aside from the basic shelters for operational purposes AKS offers a wide range of social facilities including special shelters for commander, officers, kitchen, dining facility, laundry facility, latrine, gym and others.


AKS shelter systems feature modern, solid technology, rapid mobility (easy and quick setup and strike), the best durability in the market (98kg.m2), long lasting performance (over 100 setup and strike cycles – test proven) and wide range of usage (the shelters maintain indoor settings at outdoor temperatures from -35 C to +50 C).


AKS shelter systems have been deployed in over 65 countries worldwide. Until now over 55 thousand shelters have been sold including over 35 thousand in the military version.


AKS is the only company in the world to offer 5 year warranty (starting at time of delivery) for its shelter systems and environmental control units (ECUs) for full performance capabilities. The longest lasting AKS shelter is situated in Alaska (in use for 20 years) and in The Middle East (in use for 12 years) maintaining very good performance capabilities.