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CAN Systems



Signal converter - CAN - ETHERNET

Signal converter - CAN - ETHERNET enables signal conversions between CAN and Ethernet buses. Thanks to low power consumption and 5V supply voltage, it is possible to supply power directly from the USB. Data is sent and received with frequency of up to 1kHz. Thanks to the use of a dedicated transmission protocol, it is possible to determine the content of frames on the CAN bus, as well as the time of the occurrence of the frame on the bus. The module is compatible with the Aerospace CAN protocol, therefore it is possible to directly transfer data in this standard from the X-Plane simulator.     Typical use Processing signals from the CAN bus: - reading data from the CAN bus, - device configuration on the CAN bus, - data transmission to the CAN bus, - simulation of devices operation on the CAN bus, HIL simulations of control systems for BSP: - communication with the X-Plane simulator, Data sharing from the CAN bus inside Ethernet networks